Things to Note

Often entertainment is way down the list of priorities when a couple is arranging their wedding day. All too often the budget is already blown before you get to the band. Money spent on a dress, cars, flowers, invitations and photographers is of course very important to your special day. When arranging your budget, keep in mind that poor quality entertainment will be with you every minute of your reception, whereas the invitations and the cars will not. You may well have spectacular photos of a day when the only thing your guests remember is the terrible band! It's not until after your wedding and everyone says, "Wow, what a great band! Where did you find them?" that you will realise how important it is to make room for quality entertainment in your budget.

We encourage you to shop around for your entertainment. You must find a style of act that suits what you want to achieve. One thing to watch out for, though, is the 'throw together' band, which is all-too common these days. The act may have very slick promo and look like exactly what you want, but on the night the musicians who turn up may never have even played with each other before and will put the show together on the spot. The difference with Swing Central is you will get a tightly rehearsed, carefully arranged and extremely experienced band. There will be no pauses between songs while the band works out what to play next. We know what song to follow up with depending on the crowd's response and it will start before the applause dies down. We have all played our repertoire together 1000s of times and we know how to put together a show to make your night flow effortlessly and seamlessly. With Swing Central you are buying years of experience.