Suggestions for a successful night

We have found that some clients want the band to perform a late set through to midnight. You must remember that a wedding is a huge day for both you and your guests. They will be up early for hair and makeup, forget to eat lunch in the rush, start the bubbly a bit early on an empty stomach, and after a lovely meal with some wine they are usually starting to think about bed by 10pm. Some guests will want to party on, but many may wish to retire. The best value you can get from the band is to book a performance call over dinner and a set or two of swing dancing afterwards.

It is important to try and limit the time that each speaker will talk for and allow for some overtime. Despite assurances by the bride that speeches will be kept short, we find that at 95% of the weddings we have performed at, the speeches go long... sometimes very long! Your guests will always enjoy witty and appropriate speeches, but people generally have a short attention span. It is amazing how a few champagnes can distort time and space!

We always suggest that you try to break up the speeches. It works really well to have three or four speeches after entrée, and then the remainder after the main course. This way your guests are not trapped at their tables for more than an hour, thinking about the bathroom or wishing they had another drink. This also assists with limited attention spans.

One key to a successful wedding is to have a confident and articulate MC who is capable of being in charge. You should always choose someone close to you that most of your guests will be familiar with, but the MC's most important task is to keep the evening running to schedule in a relaxed manner. They must be able to liaise with the venue staff, the band and the bridal party. They need to appreciate that their role is to be in charge and that they are the go-to person for everyone throughout the night, otherwise the bridal party will be hassled with logistics. As a bride and groom you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Depending on the makeup of your guest list, It is possible you will want some modern dance music at the end of the evening. If this is the case we recommend hiring a DJ for the last few hours of the night. Another option is to prepare some playlists of your favorite dance music on your iPod. It may be possible to play them through the venue’s sound system, or for a small extra fee we can provide our PA system through to the end of your function.