Q and A

How long do you play for?
The band does a three-hour performance call. An example call time would be 7:30pm to 10:30pm. A performance call is the time from our first song to our last song.

What sets do you play and how long are your breaks?
During the call time we perform three sets of about 40 minutes. To continue with the example, we would do a set from 7:30pm to 8:10pm over main course and then have a longer break for speeches. At the end of speeches we could perform a special song for the cake cutting. We would start our second set at about 8:50 with the bridal waltz and play through to 9:30. After a 20 minute break we would play our third set from 9:50 to the finale at 10:30pm. This is of course only an example, and however you want the sets to run is fine.

When will you be set up?
We will be at the venue, set up and sound-checked prior to your guests arriving. We like to have access to the venue about an hour before we need to be set, but if for whatever reason timing is tight we can be set up in about 15 minutes.

What if our speeches take longer than planned?
We will always try to perform the 3 x 40 minute sets of music for you by reducing our breaks to suit. However the band is booked on a performance call time and we will finish at the booked finish time.

How many songs will you play?
We will usually get through about 33 songs in a 3 x 40 minute set gig.

Can I choose the songs I want you to play?
Certainly! You can download our complete song list on our weddings page and select all the songs you want. It works best if you let us know your favorite songs and leave the rest up to us so we have some flexibility to read the crowd and adjust what we are playing to suit. Also let us know if there are any songs on our list that you would prefer we didn’t play.

What if we want a special song that is not in your repertoire?
The first thing is to email us with your request. There is a chance that Brad and the band know the song already and it will not take long to prepare it to perform for you. If it is a song that we are unfamiliar with, we can learn a request for an additional fee. The other option is to play your special song via CD or iPod at the required time during the night.

Are you flexible with how the times run?
Yes, we will always try to work in with what you have planned, our set times are a guide to get things started. We know from experience that a running order is only a guide and we have to play things by ear on the night.

Are there any travel cost?
The band is based in Brisbane and our basic fees include travel to any venue in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. A small extra travel allowance is added for venues on the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and Toowoomba. We have travelled all over Australia and even performed at some international weddings. No matter where you choose to celebrate your special day, we can get there. Let us know where you are planning to have your wedding and we can arrange a quote for you.

What about accommodation for the band?
If the venue is anywhere between Byron Bay and Noosa, we do not require accommodation. If we are traveling outside this area, we will require two twin-share rooms to be provided.

Do you play any pop or modern dance music?
We are a specialist act and we stick to performing classic songs in a swing and latin style. If you want some modern dance music at the end of the evening, we recommend hiring a DJ for the last few hours of the night. Another option is to prepare some playlists of your favorite dance music on your iPod. It may be possible to play them through the venue’s sound system or for a small extra fee we can provide our PA system through to the end of your function.